# ML in PL Team

About us

We are a group of young people who are determined to bring the best of Machine Learning to Central and Eastern Europe by creating a high-quality event for every ML enthusiast. Although we come from many different academic backgrounds, we are united by the common goal of spreading the knowledge about the discipline.

Karolina Drabent
Project Leader
Kamil Bladoszewski
Vice Project Leader
Magdalena Augustyńska
Branding Coordinator
Julia Bazińska
Panel Discussion Coordinator
Michał Filipiuk
Sponsorship Coordinator
Adam Goliński
Scientific Program Coordinator
Aleksandra Petrykiewicz
Marketing Coordinator
Natalia Piećko
Logistics Coordinator
Łukasz Pszenny
Networking Event Coordinator
Marek Wydmuch
Call for Contributions Coordinator
Mateusz Frankowski
Marketing Vice-Coordinator
Iryna Bazaka
Sponsorship Officer
Karolina Bolesta
Marketing Officer
Franciszek Budrowski
Panel Discussion Officer
Karolina Cwojdzińska
Finance Officer
Aleksandra Kończyk
Marketing Officer
Alicja Grochocka
Marketing Officer
Maja Jabłońska
Call for Contributions Officer
Michał Krutul
Branding Officer
Martyna Kumaszka
Scientific Program Officer
Kuba Łaguna
Registration Officer
Kamila Siwik
Sponsorship Officer
Joanna Stachera
Logistics Officer
Michał Tyrolski
Panel Discussion Officer
Aleksander Buła
Project Mentor
Marcin Kosiński
Project Mentor
Michał Królikowski
Project Mentor
Tomasz Wąs
Project Mentor
Michał Zmysłowski
Project Mentor