# Networking



In the upcoming ML in PL: Virtual Event 2020, we want to mirror as faithfully as possible what happens at the stationary event. Getting to know other participants with similar interests and free exchange of views were important elements of last conferences. For this reason, our MLinPL team makes every effort to organize networking activities for you that will make it easier to start conversation with other participants. The following networking activities will be available during ML in PL: Virtual Event 2020 :

1. Heads-up networking
2. Views exchange sessions
3. Group Quiz
4. AI taboo

Expand individual sections to reveal detailed information about each activity. Note that some of them will only be available during specific breaks, and some of them contain prizes.

  • Heads-up networking

    Heads-up networking is the only networking activity that will be available during the whole event. Its aim is to introduce as many participants to each other as possible. To participate in it, all you need to do is click the networking icon on the left panel. The system will assign you a random person who is also eager to meet other participants. You will have 120 seconds to get to know each other. However, if you decide that your area of interest differs significanlty, you will be able to ask the system to draw another person after 30 seconds. Remember to exchange contacts!


  • Views exchange session

    Views exchange sessions are specially designated spaces for group discussions between participants. As we realize that starting a conversation is often the hardest thing, in each session we have prepared a set of questions for you with different difficulty levels to help you break the ice. Instruction how to access them will be available in pinned message in every view exchange session.

    Views exchange sessions will be available during the long break between lectures (13:30 - 14:20). If you want to join the discussion, just click the session icon in the panel on the left and then limit the sessions by clicking the “views exchange sessions” tag.

    If none of the existing sessions concern the topic you want to talk about, don’t hesitate to create your own session. Remember to add a session description to encourage other participants to join!

  • Group Quiz

    Teams of participants will take part in the group quiz. If you are wondering whether to participate in this networking activity because you are concerned that your knowledge about AI is insufficient, do not hesitate. A group quiz is a great opportunity to meet other participants or strengthen bonds with your friends. The subject of the quiz relates not only to the technical aspects of AI, but also to the broadly understood pop culture that arose around artificial intelligence. Registration for the quiz will be open until the 12:00 AM, day of the event. People who wish to participate will have access to a session reserved especially for their group. Just click on the sessions tab on the left side of the panel and then select the "Group Quiz" tag. The quiz will be available between 13:50 and 14:20.

    Sign up, if you don’t have a team we will find it for you:
    registration form

    The three best teams will be awarded with MLinPL association cups and face masks.

  • AI taboo

    AI taboo is a great opportunity to relax in an atmosphere of fun and networking after a long day of listening to insightful talks. One of the members of ML in PL association decided to transfer the AI taboo game, which was appreciated at previous conferences, to the Internet. The rules of the game are simple, two teams compete in the game. Players take turns as the "giver," who attempts to prompt his / her teammates to guess as many keywords as possible in the allotted time. Every keyword is somehow connected to AI. However, each card also has forbidden words which may not be spoken. The team that guesses the most keywords at a given time wins.

    AI taboo will be available after the last talk (20:00). If you want to join the game, just click the session icon in the panel on the left and then limit the sessions by clicking the “AI taboo” tag. Select sessions with less than 10 participants.